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Madalena Matoso (Lisbon 1974) studied Communication Design at Lisbon College of Fine Arts and has a post-graduate degree in Graphic Editorial Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona. She founded Planeta Tangerina – illustration and graphic design, with three friends in 1999. In 2004 Planeta Tangerina began publishing picturebooks. With the books A Mesa é uma Mesa, Será? (Is a Table Really a Table?) 2006, Quando Eu Nasci, (When I was Born) 2007 and Andar Por Aí (Wandering Around) 2009, she received a Special Mention Award in the National Prize for Illustration. In 2008 she received the National Award for Illustration for the book A Charada da Bicharada (The Riddle of the Animals), published by Texto Editores with words by Alice Vieira

Title: Everything is open: What do we have in mind when we are creating a picturebook?


Reading a picturebook is about reading words and images, reading sequences instead of reading pages; reading covers and endpapers, rhythms and rhythm changes, reading scenes, details and different representations. Reading a picturebook involves constantly making connections between elements, appreciating the movement, the sounds, the pauses and the silence of the pages. Creating picturebooks to enable this is what we do. We take different types of ingredients and make the most of the thousands of ways we could mix them. We try not to follow a fixed recipe. Everything is open; everything is possible. Picturebooks are one of the most challenging areas of freedom and experimentation”. We try to make our way through this huge, fascinating territory with respect. We commit ourselves at every stage of a picturebook’s production. We have two house rules: we refuse formulas and we challenge our readers. Our readers are not only children but all parents and adults who enjoy picturebooks and their unique way of telling a story. We like to think that a picturebook is a meeting point for readers of different kinds, that some will open doors for others, that big and small readers will find their own keys to the discovery of a book. In our talk we will share the stories behind some of our Planeta Tangerina titles.

Some of the books she has illustrated for Planeta Tangerina

Livro Clap (Clap Book),

Com o Tempo (With Time)

O Que Há (What’s in There?)

Nunca Vi Uma Bicicleta e os Patos não me Largam (I’ve Never Seen a Bike and Ducks

Won’t Let Go),

Para Onde Vamos Quando Desaparecemos?(Where Do We Go When we Disappear?)

Todos Fazemos Tudo (We All Do Everything)

Trava Línguas (Tongue Twisters)

O Meu Vizinho é um Cão (My Neighbour is a Dog)

Quando Eu Nasci (When I Was Born).



Isabel was born in Lisbon in 1974. She always loved to read and also to listen all kinds of stories… stories told by her grandparents, her neighbours, her aunts and her friends. Her favourite mystery has always been words: what we can do with words and what words can do with us. Although she leaned more towards journalism than literature, she decided to follow a different path (and also to follow her friends…) and study Arts. She graduated in Communication Design from Lisbon College of Fine Arts and after working for communication agencies she founded the graphic design and publishing house Planeta Tangerina with three friends. In 2004, Planeta Tangerina published Um Livro Para Todos os Dias (A Book for All Days) the first book of their catalogue, written by Isabel and illustrated by Bernardo P. Carvalho. Since then, she has written many other books, most of which have been published by Planeta Tangerina. Isabel won an Honorable Mention in the First International Prize for Picture Books of Compostela, she was also nominated for the Author Awards of the SPA / RTP in the category children’s literature and, in 2012, her book A Manta (The Quilt) illustrated by Yara Kono, was selected for White Ravens Catalogue. Her favourite prize is a collective one, when Planeta Tangerina won Best Children’s Publisher of the Year at the 2013 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Some of the books she has written for Planeta Tangerina


Com o Tempo (With Time)

Uma Onda Pequena (A Tiny Wave),

Este Livro está a Chamar-te, Não Ouves?(This Book is Calling You, Don’t You Hear?)

O Mundo num Segundo (The World in a Second)

O Que Há (What’s in There?)

Cá em Casa Somos … (At Home, We Are…)

Quando Eu Nasci (When I Was Born)

Pê de Pai (D for Dad)

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